Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gifting flower to Girl friend

Gifting flowers to your girl friends to her personal taste is a big challenge. Often you land up selecting a flower based on your taste. Some of you might give flowers based on usual meaning of the flowers and their colors. If you go by traditional meaning here is what different flowers mean:
· Hibiscus stands for delicate beauty.
· Red roses and tulips both signify passionate love.
· Sunflowers convey adoration.
· Pink roses and carnations imply friendship.
· White roses are synonym for purity.

Alternatively you can pick flowers that reflect memories that associate with them – your girl friends habit of wearing a dress with certain flowers; the dress that she wore on your first date or the flower that you gave her on first date or that resulted in happiest moment.

However, you might be careful in a flower that has negative connotations while gifting to girl friend. Orange blossoms are symbolic of fertility, and rhododendrons in any color mean, “beware!” Lavender flower traditionally means “distrustful.”

Roses tend to be the first choice for many, though some express a little annoyance at always receiving roses. You can wisely select newer verities of roses or big red roses or long stemmed roses to impress your girl friend.

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