Sunday, December 14, 2008

Floriculture boom in Hosur, Tamilnadu

While Floriculture taken a hit in and around Bangalore due to steep raise in land price, with its proximity to Bangalore, hosur has become the largest Rose producing zone in India and Asia. Several small and medium and large floriculture units have come up in and around hosur last decade. Rayer Flora, Ceera blooms, Cauvery are few of mid-size floriculture units each having 2-3 hectares of green houses growing roses.

Better climatic conditions, availability of labour couple with push by Tamil nadu government over a decade promote this are as Floriculture AEZ (Agriculture Export Zone) were primary reason for this growth. TIDCO(Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation) has also setup a floriculture area for small (1-2 hectare) promoters with common facility.

The state government in order to give further push to floriculture further asking for an international flower auction center in Hosur.

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