Monday, April 01, 2013

Tree Rose : Japanese Camellia

Camellia (Botonical name : camellia japonica) is tree rose typically flowers between January and March and found in China, east Asian countries, Janpan and USA.   Japanese Camellia is also called “Rose of Winter”.  Surprisingly, it is official state flower of Alabama.

Camellia typically rose in color, however cultured varieties are available in dark pint, white, red and bi-colors as well.  In wild it typically grows 300ft to 300ft altitude.  Japanese Camellia grows as tall as 7ft to 11ft.  Camellia can be grown in cities like Bangalore of with similar weather and altitude above 300ft.

However, it is available as Bonsai miniature version to grow in home.  Chinese treat Camellias as lucky symbols during New Year and is used express commitment between young lovers.
Camellia flower in full bloom
Japanese Camellia tree

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gifting flower to Girl friend

Gifting flowers to your girl friends to her personal taste is a big challenge. Often you land up selecting a flower based on your taste. Some of you might give flowers based on usual meaning of the flowers and their colors. If you go by traditional meaning here is what different flowers mean:
· Hibiscus stands for delicate beauty.
· Red roses and tulips both signify passionate love.
· Sunflowers convey adoration.
· Pink roses and carnations imply friendship.
· White roses are synonym for purity.

Alternatively you can pick flowers that reflect memories that associate with them – your girl friends habit of wearing a dress with certain flowers; the dress that she wore on your first date or the flower that you gave her on first date or that resulted in happiest moment.

However, you might be careful in a flower that has negative connotations while gifting to girl friend. Orange blossoms are symbolic of fertility, and rhododendrons in any color mean, “beware!” Lavender flower traditionally means “distrustful.”

Roses tend to be the first choice for many, though some express a little annoyance at always receiving roses. You can wisely select newer verities of roses or big red roses or long stemmed roses to impress your girl friend.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Floriculture boom in Hosur, Tamilnadu

While Floriculture taken a hit in and around Bangalore due to steep raise in land price, with its proximity to Bangalore, hosur has become the largest Rose producing zone in India and Asia. Several small and medium and large floriculture units have come up in and around hosur last decade. Rayer Flora, Ceera blooms, Cauvery are few of mid-size floriculture units each having 2-3 hectares of green houses growing roses.

Better climatic conditions, availability of labour couple with push by Tamil nadu government over a decade promote this are as Floriculture AEZ (Agriculture Export Zone) were primary reason for this growth. TIDCO(Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation) has also setup a floriculture area for small (1-2 hectare) promoters with common facility.

The state government in order to give further push to floriculture further asking for an international flower auction center in Hosur.

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India Flower news - June 2008

Dry flowers add a dash of colour to their lives
The Hindu, Kerala, India
The dry flowers are stunning. And they add colour and fragrance to the lives of a small group of women in the hilly village of Nellimalam, near Thrikkaippatta, in Wayanad. Dry leaves, flowers and seeds, usually discarded as waste, help these women make ends meet.

Flowers may not be blooming at Talegaon, Pune, India
It should not matter to about 60 entities who had been allotted land at the Talegaon Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) Floriculture Park that their business is not going great guns. Because, these plots of land allotted at Rs 2.45 lakh an acre are reportedly quoting at Rs 25 lakh an acre now, a 10-fold appreciation....

Horticulture tourism
The Hinus, Bangalore, India
Horticulture Department properties in Kemmangundi, Nandi Hills, Ooty and Biligiri Ranga (B.R.) Hills will be developed during this year with introduction of ornamental flowers and landscaping plants to attract tourists.

Madurai Malli being patented
Business Line, Madurai, India
A Committee from the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is working on securing a patent for Madurai Malli (the Tamil word for jasmine flower cultivated in the region) and register the same under Geographical Indicators Act to preserve its distinctiveness as a symbol of Tamil culture...

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

India Flower news - April 2008

Flower centres to bloom in 6 more towns
Times of India, Bangalore, India
The city's flower auction centre - the only one of its kind in Asia - is in expansion mode. The International Flower Auction Bangalore (IFAB) Limited, which auctions lakhs of flowers every day, is all set to expand its activities with the opening of six more centres ....for procuring, grading and auctioning flowers....

Flower auction centre plan for Hosur
The Hindu, Hosur, Chennai, India
An international flower auction centre is likely to come up in this major hub of floriculture. The town now handles more than 35 per cent of the cut flowers traded in the country. Roses are cultivated on about 500 ha in the region. The region has more than 20 hi-tech floriculture units spread over 120 ha. The plan is for an auction centre on the lines of the International Flower Auction Centre (IFAB) in Bangalore. IFAB gets a major chunk of the flowers handled by it from the Hosur region...

Jasmine to dazzle Europe with her fragrance, Managalore, India
"Queen of fragrance" the modest jasmine belonging to the botanical 'Oleaceae' family, considered by the ancients as 'a one-way ticket to paradise when one is down or sad,' is all set to hit the European shores. Along with these flowers, the cultivators too will be traveling to the international flower fair to be held in Netherlands, to promote jasmine by show-casing the fine art of expertly stringing these delicate flowers. After successfully exporting flowers like cut roses and anthurium from Karnataka to the International flower market..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

India Flower news - March 2008

The Easter lily
The Hindu, Chennai, India
The flowers laughed at the lily and wondered how a flower without any colour or fragrance could be in their garden...

Flower exporters in Karnataka seek ports of entry
Business Standard, Bangalore, India
Port of entry for Flower Exporters in Karnataka : Aspiring to emerge as a flower-power in the international floriculture market, Karnataka has requested the Union government to declare Bangalore and Mangalore as ports of entry. A port of entry is a place either an airport or a seaport where goods imported from other countries are allowed legally. Presently, there are 10 ports of entry in south India four in Tamil Nadu and three each in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala...

Sikkim to host first international flower show
Business Line, Sikkim, India
he Saramsa Garden near Ranipool in East Sikkim, about 15 km from here, will be in full bloom when it opens for the International Flower Show starting from March 14. Themed "Sikkim-Nature's Own Garden," the first International Flower Show in the region...

Mumbai joins global flower trade map
Economic Times, Mumbai, India
Mumbai's first flower auction centre, that promises to place the financial capital on international flower trade map, is complete and ready for inauguration. The new centre will provide flower growers from south Gujarat and Maharashtra, a state of the art platform to trade range of flowers including rose, chrysanthemum, marigold, jasmine, aster gladious, zinnia, lilies, gerberas and carnation..

The power of flowers
Times of India, Delhi, India
What can be better than spending time with the blooming beauties .And Kanpurites got this fragrant opportunity when the Floriculture Society of the city organised a power packed flower show. .. The show witnessed approximately 69 varieties of flowers including Lili, Lilium, Marigold, Ranunculus, Dahlia, Coronation and a huge variety of Roses and few bonsai...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

India Flower News - Feb 2008

Rose exports bloom on Valentine's Day eve
OutLook, Bangalore
That roses grown in Bangalore play cupid across continents during the Valentine season has been a fact for nearly a decade now. But this February 14, the red roses from the garden city will demand a higher price and also command a greater presence in the international ..

Six million Indian roses for Europe
The Hindu, Chennai
About six million stems of cut roses are being exported from Hosur to the U.S., Germany, the U.K., The Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Middle East and Far East countries for this year�s Valentine�s Day...

Valentine's Day: Big business for luxury brands
Econimic Times, Delhi
In 1891, an Indian prince sent his beloved in London, a Valentine card set in carved ivory surrounded by diamonds. It cost him �250,000. you could present her cymbidium flowers nicely arranged in a ribbed vase from IK. The tag is Rs 1,71,500�Rs 1 lakh for the vase and Rs 1,500 per flower..

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Top Valentines day gift ideas

Red Roses has been Velentine's day symbol for long time - thanks to their beauty and fragrance they make your valentines day much happier conveying your feeling to your loved one.

Whether you can afford to buy single red roses, a small bouquet of red roses combined with other flowers, long-stemmed red roses, or an entire room filled with red roses, the gifts below one of many ways you can convey the depth of your feelings.

1. 12 Red Rose Posy
A classic Valentine's Day bouquet a quick pick containing twelve dutch red roses with optional fillers that make it very attractive and impressive looking.

2. Twenty Long Stemmed Red Roses
Elegant Long stem red roses that can stay for longer time on vase is some times a unique gift stand out from rest of the crowd. Bigger is better- long-stemmed red roses features big-headed flower and each petal a work of art.

3. 50 Red Rose basket
A basket of 50 red roses arranged elegantly along with greens will bring big smile from your valentine, The basket of 50 red roses will look good on your living room.

4. Powerful impression - 100 Red Rose Big basket
Century is always big - A basket of 100 red roses is a great way to display your love on Valentines day. It tells you love her/him you live for centuries years to come.

5. Ultimate Love - Mega 200 Red Rose basket
A mea 200 Red rose basket is definitely an ultimate gift to your Valentine - no better way is that he or she is the only one your care in the world the most.

6. Show your heart - Heart Shaped Red Rose arrangement
It is difficult to open up and how your heart - but you can show your heart thru Red roses arranged in a heart shape. It is a way to tell your valentine that your heart is for him / her all the time.