Sunday, December 14, 2008

India Flower news - June 2008

Dry flowers add a dash of colour to their lives
The Hindu, Kerala, India
The dry flowers are stunning. And they add colour and fragrance to the lives of a small group of women in the hilly village of Nellimalam, near Thrikkaippatta, in Wayanad. Dry leaves, flowers and seeds, usually discarded as waste, help these women make ends meet.

Flowers may not be blooming at Talegaon, Pune, India
It should not matter to about 60 entities who had been allotted land at the Talegaon Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) Floriculture Park that their business is not going great guns. Because, these plots of land allotted at Rs 2.45 lakh an acre are reportedly quoting at Rs 25 lakh an acre now, a 10-fold appreciation....

Horticulture tourism
The Hinus, Bangalore, India
Horticulture Department properties in Kemmangundi, Nandi Hills, Ooty and Biligiri Ranga (B.R.) Hills will be developed during this year with introduction of ornamental flowers and landscaping plants to attract tourists.

Madurai Malli being patented
Business Line, Madurai, India
A Committee from the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is working on securing a patent for Madurai Malli (the Tamil word for jasmine flower cultivated in the region) and register the same under Geographical Indicators Act to preserve its distinctiveness as a symbol of Tamil culture...

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