Monday, April 01, 2013

Tree Rose : Japanese Camellia

Camellia (Botonical name : camellia japonica) is tree rose typically flowers between January and March and found in China, east Asian countries, Janpan and USA.   Japanese Camellia is also called “Rose of Winter”.  Surprisingly, it is official state flower of Alabama.

Camellia typically rose in color, however cultured varieties are available in dark pint, white, red and bi-colors as well.  In wild it typically grows 300ft to 300ft altitude.  Japanese Camellia grows as tall as 7ft to 11ft.  Camellia can be grown in cities like Bangalore of with similar weather and altitude above 300ft.

However, it is available as Bonsai miniature version to grow in home.  Chinese treat Camellias as lucky symbols during New Year and is used express commitment between young lovers.
Camellia flower in full bloom
Japanese Camellia tree

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