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Use Copper Vase to keep flower fresh

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All flower lovers like to keep the flowers looking fresh for as long as possible. .In general, keeping flowers in a vase with good water, by changing water alternate ay, can improves life of the flower. Cut an inch or half from the bottom of the stems of the flowers every day when you change the water in the vase. A clean angular cut is better than a square cut at the bottom of the stem.

In case of woody stemmed flowers like the chrysanthemum, lilac and other flowering shrubs, the stems must be split up to the middle with a used razor blade or knife, for several inches.

An interesting and simple method to make the cut flowers stay fresh for a long time is to use copper Vase. Flowers, which are put in copper vases, remain fresh for two or three days longer, due to the fact that a certain amount of copper particles get into the water and hinder the growth of bacteria, which causes the flowers to wilt.

If a metallic copper vase is not available, put a few copper coins or cut pieces of copper into the vase. It is believed that a copper vase in the presence of light, produces a type of electro culture. Certain varieties of cut flowers such as, roses, gerbera, carnations, etc., last longer than the others

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