Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Feng Shui - Flowers

Flowers are bought for their color, beauty, fragrance and elegance they bring to you. They also bring energy (good or bad) depending on their color, size and shape and they can bring lot of positive wealth, romance and health energy to your home or office or workplace, Try to place fresh flowers in your living room on a regular basis.

Feng Shui brings happiness, harmony, good luck and money into your home and according to Feng Shui the impact of some of the flowers and plants are :

Flower / Plant

Feng Shui


Will bring good fortune and promote love within the family.


Bring good luck in your relationships.


Bring happiness, harmony and laughter into your home.


Are symbols of abundance and are considered to be one of the eight treasures.


Youth, Perseverance and good luck.


Represent longevity in a relationship.

Jasmine and Gardenia

Are the plants of friendship

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