Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rose care / Flower care

Vase life of flower arrangements depends on the care you give to the flowers. Some simple steps can extend the vase life of the flowers including rose.
1) Make sure that you are filling the vase with good water. Avoid salty water or water from water softener. Often tap water will do.
2) Cut the stem alternate day. You can cut the bottom part of the stem about 0.5cm and put it back into the water immediately. This will keep the flower fresh and avoid water from stinking that caused by stem rotting of the cut part.
3) Add additive with water: Add a small spoon carbonated drinks like sprite / 7-up / other lemon soda or few drops of lemon juice. This will increase vase life of the flower. Common additive used by floriculture growers are citric acid.
4) Keep it in a cool place or avoid direct sun light. Stuffy or warm place will cause quick blooming of the flower and falling of flower petals.
5) Make sure no petals get sinks in the water. It will stop water from smelling though may not impact vase life.

If the flower arrangement is made using flora foam, make sure it is saturated with water mixed with additive.

Avoid adding bleach as it will affect the flower life. Also, adding sugar will force the flower bloom very fast (probably you can use it if roses are not blooming !!)

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