Saturday, November 25, 2006

Iron-cross Begonia Plant – Make your garden green and lovely.

Over 1000 varieties of begonia growing worldwide, the Iron cross Begonia gets its name from the dark black cross shape that appears on its green leaves, which also makes it a perfect foliage for flower arrangements.

Begonia is an ever green plant having leaves with a strange texture that may not feel real. These plants grow well in partial shade or partial sun light and an ideal plant for growing in your balcony. Also it grows in artificial light, making it a good indoor plant, if 12-14 hours of lighting is available.

Though discovered in West Indies, the origin of this plant is still debated as India, China or New Guinea, Begonia grows well any where with humus rich and moist soil. You can plant it on a mixture of vermi-compost, dry leaves, coconut coir with soil less than ¼ of the total mix. You can grow this plant from cutting or from seed.

Begonia blooms in summer with small delicate flowers of light cream colored and pink shaded. Proper care is required while watering. Sprinkling is the best way than just pouring water. Good drainage to avoid water logging is a must to grow begonia plant.


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